sábado, 26 de março de 2011

Spring Break Blog Hop


Thank you for joining us as we try and Capture Spring Break!!

If you have happened upon my blog please pop on over to Let's Capture These Sketches to begin the hop.

Please join the new sketch team as we take a journey to a popular Spring Break location. Pack up your scrapbook goodies and hop along each blog. Be sure to keep your eye open for a letter posted on the blogs and be sure to post comments as you go. Once you are done, please comment on the LCOM Sketch Blog and unscramble the letters to find out our destination. Now... some of the members couldn’t make the trip and didn’t post a letter. Let us know who couldn’t join us for an extra chance to win! Email your answers to thynner5@yahoo.ca and put LCOM Blog Hop in the subject line for a chance to win some great prizes.

Grab a drink and let’s get this party started!

I can not say exactly when the art came into my life, maybe at some point in my childhood that I can not even remember, but inside I remember she was always with me! I love everything that involves art, paint, paper, alternative items, inspiration, design!
I'm in scrapbooking for about 3 years and one year here I started to teach near where I live. It's great to exchange ideas, make friends! My style ranges from clean to full details of the free and romantic. I just need to inspire, express and let everything flow!
I do this with much love!

Please note my letter: A.

Thanks for joining me! Please head on over to Gisele.

Hope you had fun!

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Monique disse...

Great blog! Beautiful work!

Michelle disse...


Mara Domene disse...

Adorei essa foto!!!! Carinha de menina arteira... hehe... beijão!

SimoB77 disse...

what a blog Raissa!!! I love it!!!

Beba disse...

love your blog!

pierides disse...

Fabulous blog! Love learning more about you.

alwayscharlie disse...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Now I'm off to finish the hop!

smilesmoore2 atverizon dotnet

KellyG disse...

Love your work!

True Colors disse...

Eu simplismente AMEI dar um abraço bem apertado em vc !!!
Vc é uma fofa e superrrrr encantadoraaaa !!
Obrigada !!
beijos Coloridos !!
True Colors

Anita disse...

Beautiful, love that photo too. Hugs, Anita

Márcia Pierina disse...

Sabe, faltei nas aulas de inglês, portanto...não entendi nada. só que eu não poderia deixar de comentar essa foto. Que carinha e menina sapeca levada da breca. Adorei.


jenny_oul disse...

I just visited your blog, great work!